Forever drawn to the flow of creativity…

Hailing from a close-knit coastal town in south-east Australia, Ella grew up as a keen surfer enthralled by the elements.

With the seaside fuelling her creativity from the sidelines, she began acting classes at Helen O’Grady’s Drama Academy as a young teen. She also took on the role of teacher outside of her own learning, establishing herself as a surf coach and delighting in the joy of helping others immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean.

City life beckoned when she finished high school, and Ella moved to Melbourne to nurture her love for performing arts. While embarking on her first year of tertiary education, she studied at St Martins Youth Arts Centre. She moved on to enrol at 16th Street Actors Studio and completed short courses at NIDA and the VCA.


With an inquisitive outlook and insatiable appetite for learning and evolving, Ella delved into a Bachelor of Creative Arts at ACU, majoring in Performing Arts and Fine Art. She then went on to study a Graduate Certificate in Screen and Theatre Writing at The University of Melbourne and a Master of Arts (Arts Management) at RMIT. (You can read more about her Creative Sustainability thesis on the blog).

Now living in LA, Ella continues to fulfil her desires for fresh challenges, new adventures, and when the time permits, a surf trip to her beloved seaside.